We are really excited to present our own highly original and beautiful collection of stingray jewellery. Stingray scales create the fascinating illusion of hundreds of glittering gemstones. This leather is unique in its supple texture and if properly looked after, it will last a lifetime. We would love to claim that we were the first to recognize the possibilities of this wonderful exotic leather! But the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt knew a good thing when they saw it and examples of stingray leather have been found in their tombs. Also the Japanese Samurai use this in their swords and armour. According to a legend of fishermen, stingray brings fortune and good luck.

We run our business with care for the environment. Stingray is not an endangered species. They are fished primarily in Asia and Eastern European countries, where they are considered a delicacy. We use the skin which is a left over product from the fishing industry.

Each stingray skin has its own properties; irregularities in the size of the grain, tanning and thickness can influence its appearance. 


As a result, the colouring will be different on each skin making each piece of jewellery unique.

Not only is stingray leather beautiful but it is highly durable, twenty five times more so than cowhide! Each grain is rooted into the under skin which makes it impossible to cut or tear. Cleaning it could not be easier. Wiping with a damp cloth or a soft brush and soap will remove any dirt on the grains. 

We use only the highest quality of materials to compliment the stingray leather. All the beads and clasps are made from silver, gold plated silver or plated stainless steel and are nickel free. The choker is made of first class genuine nappa leather. 

We are confident that your customers will love this new collection as much as we do and will wear it with both great enjoyment and pride for a long time to come.

Rita en Marloes